Need an appraisal for an FHA-backed mortgage? Call AppraisalSmith of Kansas City, LLC

AppraisalSmith of Kansas City, LLC is Kansas state certified and on the FHA Roster of approved residential appraisers.  If you have an FHA-mortgage, be sure to hire AppraisalSmith of Kansas City, LLC, as we are approved and qualified to handle FHA appraisals. FHA's guidelines, documentation and policies may seem difficult to grasp, but the staff at AppraisalSmith of Kansas City, LLC is well-trained on how to follow the rules and regulations provided.

Be sure to contact AppraisalSmith of Kansas City, LLC if you need an appraisal done for an FHA-secured loan.

An FHA loan is backed by the Federal Housing Administration, a federal agency that is a part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). No part of the loan is provided by the FHA. What the FHA does is ensure that the mortgage is paid for in case the borrower defaults on his or her loan obligations. The FHA and their loan programs are built to help low-to-moderate income consumers by easing credit requirements. Remember, the FHA deviates from the VA appraiser panel in that the lending organization can select the appraiser.

Down payments are often lower with an FHA loan despite using conventional market rates. FHA loan programs are particularly beneficial to those purchasers with less available cash.